Turning headlines into hope

Donate automatically for every hysterical headline about refugees, and convert media hostility into aid. Even if it’s just 10p, your small change can change the story.

A “uniquely aggressive campaign

That’s how the UN describes the treatment of refugees by the UK’s right-wing media. So, just as 80 million refugees around the world struggle to survive, to protect, feed and educate their children, these publications spin a much more menacing story. Now, It’s up to us to change it

Meeting aggression with aid

With #HopeNotHeadlines, you can automatically donate to refugee causes whenever a publication of your choice tweets about them. New fear-mongering slogan? Better healthcare for refugees. Another sneering soundbite? More refugees in universities. Together, let’s convert aggressive column inches into life-changing aid.

A new way to give within your means

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1. Join the campaign

Sign up to donate every time a UK newspaper tweets about ‘refugees’,’migrants’, ‘asylum seekers’ or ‘immigrants’.

2. Donate your way

Choose how much you’d like to donate for each tweet – even if it’s just 10p. Then, set monthly limits that work for you.

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3. Change the story

Watch your small change spark brighter futures for one of the world’s 80 million refugees.

Hope Not Headlines

The media have a million words for refugees. But don’t let that be the final word. Join #HopeNotHeadlines, and use your small change to finally change the story – building safer, brighter futures for millions around the world. P.S. We use the donation platform at Make It Donate to automate how you give.

The real story




child refugees


shortfall in humanitarian funding

Where your small change goes

Your byline-busting donations support a coalition of charities on the ground in the Middle East and Europe, each striving for better refugee healthcare, education, or both.

Mosaik Charity logo

Through language & guidance programmes, Mosaik Education helps refugees in Jordan, Lebanon and Turkey reach university and rebuild their communities.

Jusoor uses education, career development and community engagement initiatives to help Syrian youths realise their true potential.

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Hands Up provides critical health and education services to vulnerable communities in Syria and beyond.